View Full Version : Rump Roast in Peek-a-Boo Canyon

Eric Leppanen
21-Dec-2014, 11:30
Brings back fond memories of the horse in Dean Wormer's office in Animal House...


21-Dec-2014, 11:43
I was making my way up a very narrow slot canyon in Zion when I started to see maggots in the water and noticed an unpleasant smell. I decided not to continue further. I think I was more worried it may be a person rather than an animal!

Kirk Gittings
21-Dec-2014, 13:46
Jezz is this from the Darwin Awards?

Tin Can
21-Dec-2014, 14:02
Time will cure all.

Kirk Gittings
21-Dec-2014, 14:05
Michael Fatali's escapades pale in comparison.

Drew Wiley
22-Dec-2014, 11:46
I was weaving my way up to Cirque of the Towers in Wyo in Sept - certainly not a bad trail for anyone comfortable with a tiny bit of scrambling, but no place for
a stock animal - but then from time to time saw horse turds along the way. I was thinking to myself, Man, these Wyoming dudes are really hard-core horsemen!
Then along a slightly dicey part of the route I started smelling something foul. My buddy hollers, Hey, look over here! I take a look, and there's the horse at the
bottom of the cliff, all bloated with feet up in the air. Maybe not an expert horseman at all, but apparently a dumb one.

Doremus Scudder
22-Dec-2014, 12:44
I sympathize with the rancher about losing a cow, but the ineptitude and lack of respect for a priceless natural wonder leave me rather enraged at the handling of this whole affair. The damage done to the canyon by the fire-happy rancher is inestimable and certainly more than the $1000 his cow may have cost him (which it did anyway!). He should be held responsible for damage to the landscape. I love that little canyon and have done a lot of work there. I just hope the damage to the sandstone is not too bad...

The fact that the federal people weren't there supervising and protecting just points to the lack of funding and prioritization for our National Parks and Monuments. Disgraceful.


Drew Wiley
22-Dec-2014, 13:07
Makes you think twice about drinking the water in any narrow canyon. I've encountered dead deer, cows, you name it. A friend of mine took a fascinating picture of a dead bear stuck behind a waterfall chockstone.