View Full Version : First try with my new Chamonix 45n-2

19-Dec-2014, 14:31

I am a professional still life photographer who have been shooting digitally for about 12 years now. A couple of weeks ago I rediscovered my old 4x5" lenses that I don't use digitally, so I decided to buy a Chamonix 045n-2 camera and start shooting some black and white landscapes.

Here is my first try, shot outside Stockholm, Sweden last weekend. Nothing fancy. Just a test.


Lens: Nikkor 90mm f9
Scanner: Epson V850 Pro
Sharpened in photoshop

This one is dry scanned, but I am waiting for a fluid mount from betterscanning.com

/ Philip

Ken Lee
19-Dec-2014, 14:33
Yeah baby ! :)

19-Dec-2014, 18:09

Kirk Gittings
19-Dec-2014, 19:32
Great first effort!

20-Dec-2014, 11:23
marvelous image, thoughtfully composed, looking forward to seeing more work

21-Dec-2014, 10:33
Thank you! You are too kind. Right now I am waiting for my Sekonic L-608 Spot meter to arrive. Hopefully I will receive it before Christmas. Then I will start some serious shooting!

/ Philip

George E. Sheils
27-Dec-2014, 10:39
Excellent image, Philip.
Looks like you have found a different genre to counteract the discipline required for still life.
I hope you enjoy your landscapes from now on.

22-Jul-2016, 04:16
I just saw this thread and recognized the original poster - Philip has since sold this camera to me and I'm doing my best to put it to good use ;)

It's a beauty.