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17-Dec-2014, 05:15

I just come back from Scotland where I shot some portra 400 with my Wista 45, a super angulon 90 5,6 and a symmar 150 5,6.

In some pictures I noticed this strange light leak in the upper part of the image, I had never had this before. Do you guys have any idea of what's the cause?





17-Dec-2014, 05:22
Possibly a reflection from within the bellows? First time use of the lenses? New film holders or improper seating? Film box not quite light tight? It almost looks like the shape of a window frame.

17-Dec-2014, 07:41
Thanks for your reply Steve.

I've used the combination before without problems and also other pictures shot in between these seems to be fine, but I made the silly mistake of not writing down which sheet was shot with which holder... now upon a closer inspection I noted what seems to be some cracks on one of the holders, and even if I'm 99% confident it's not the one I used in those pictures... it seems to fit the issue.

I will do more tests as soon as I have a chance. In the meantime if anybody have had this problem before please let me know. thanks!


17-Dec-2014, 07:50
Oh... and I've just found two little holes on the bellow... I probably should have checked before writing this post, apologies for that. A good excuse to get that wide angle bellow I guess.


17-Dec-2014, 08:14
These are "Doh!" moments we all have. Get some tape on those holes and try it again with the camera at the same angle to the sun. Start with a known good holder. These are chromes right?

There are plenty of knowledgeable people on this forum that know a lot more than me so you may get any number of suggestions as time goes on.


17-Dec-2014, 08:23
Thanks Steve!

I just ordered some liquid electrical tape and hopefully it will do the trick.



Jim C.
17-Dec-2014, 16:14
I was going to say that your leaks look like the inside corners of the camera bellows, and you found the micro spot lights ! :)

Doremus Scudder
18-Dec-2014, 06:33
Seems to me like the bellows pinholes are on the wrong side (i.e., the top) to cause light strikes in the sky part of the image, which is at the bottom when taking...

I'd check light traps on all my holders and fill all the cracks/seams on the sides of plastic holders with black PVC cement.

Also, be careful when pulling/inserting the darkslide that you don't inadvertently pull the back away from the camera and leak light that way.

FWIW, numbering your holders and keeping good records is a real boon when trying to track down a pesky leak like this. I will either confirm or deny that one particular holder is the issue.

Good luck,


PS: Do fix those bellows!

18-Dec-2014, 06:51
Two possible [non-replicable] sources for the light leak:
1) a temporary film holder seating problem (so you won't be able to see this problem happen consistently)
2) extreme movements of the lens (too much rise, for example) caused some separation of the bellows frame at one corner (again, an inconsistent problem)