View Full Version : non-Red Dot Artars

David Kashuba
17-Dec-2004, 08:55
Can anyone comment on the performance of non- red dot artars for general LF work?

-David Kashuba.

Donald Brewster
17-Dec-2004, 09:03
Quite fine thank you -- fabulous lenses. You'll find many fans of these around here. These are process lenses. Non-red dot optimized for 1:1 instead of 10:1 for the Red Dot. Red Dot are more recent and are coated. Sometimes non-red dot are coated and some are not (I have a 14" that is). I use both versions and don't find any real noticeable difference between the two.

Terence McDonagh
17-Dec-2004, 09:19
My 19" non-RD Artar is quite sharp. Maybe a tiny bit less contrasty than a friend's RD one, but given how sharp it is I find a little less contrast is more palatable. Oddly neither seems to be very prone to flare compared to some of my other lenses. And it was a MUCH better deal than an RD one. I don't think the difference in attributes is anywhere close to the difference in price. I use mine mostly for 8x10 landscape work and the occassional portrait. It's a little too sharp for my portrait tastes as it captures very very fine detail.

John Kasaian
17-Dec-2004, 09:40
My 14" non-RD Artar is a wonderful lens---very easy to focus even wide open at f9. It sees duty aboard my 5x7 but will cover 8x10 with a little wiggle room. I have a 19" RD that lives with my 8x10 kit and it is also a champ. IMHO, its a heck of a fine lens in either flavor.

David A. Goldfarb
17-Dec-2004, 10:05
I have an earlier 19" Apo-Artar and it's sharp as a tack.

Jon Wilson
8-May-2005, 18:22
Very nice contrast, sharp and bright focus image...based on two recent acquisitions and comparisons with a 8 1/2" and 10" RD artars in my possession. Although the RD is single coated and the Non-RD uncoated, I would not hesitate to pick up either of these classic style lens. Just recently picked up a 6" in a rapax shutter and 12" in an Acme #3 shutter for a relative song. I believe the lens were lower priced due to the fact they were not Red Dot artars and the seller had a minimal sales record. Will try to post a photograph link of what these lens can do later in my inexperienced hands.