View Full Version : Help changing from landscape to portrait on Technikardan 45

15-Dec-2014, 04:23
I'm trying to figure out how to change from landscape to portrait on a Technikardan 45. I've worked out how to remove the GG frame (move switches to 'off' and press arms above and below GG in and slide frame to the right).

Could someone post pictures to help with the rest, please?


Bob Salomon
15-Dec-2014, 05:44
1: Push lock button on top of rear standard forward so lock moves forward,
2: Pull gg back off
3: Rotate gg back 90
4: Push gg back onto rear standard where, if you did 1 properly, it will automatically lock in place.


Go here and download free instructions:


15-Dec-2014, 05:53
Oh yeah, easy! Thank you Bob.