View Full Version : Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/5.6 MC

14-Dec-2014, 13:57
Hi Folks,

Im looking at purchasing my second LF lens(4x5), currently using Fujinon W 135mm, slight wider is next on my list, looking at a lot of david ward/joe cornish work, this focal length looks like it will work for me.

I dont want to buy 'brand new', purely just on cost. The largest print size I will make after digital PP shouldn't be more than 30'' on longest length.

Looking on Ebay, there seems to be a few different variants of "Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/5.6", a few I am looking at are labelled MC.

I am just wondering if any of you know if I will see any major sharpness/colour differences between variations?, or would all SA lenses ofthat focual length give similar result at the given print size?

Is there a list of SA variants out there?, or other Schneider 90mm lenses that I should be looking at in the 250-300 price range?

Thanks in advance,


Mark Woods
14-Dec-2014, 14:27
I have the Schneider SA MC 90mm and love it. I've used it with my 5x7. It's a wonderful lens that I go to often.

Alan Gales
14-Dec-2014, 14:34
The MC stands for Multi Coating. It just means that the lens has a multi coating on it to reduce flare.