View Full Version : Ebony 612 reducing back - which roll film back?

14-Dec-2014, 00:25
I bought an Ebony 612 reducing back from KEH for my SW45 and need the roll film back but don't know which ones will fit. The reducing back looks like the one I already have for 6x9 where the focusing screen with the frame is hinged and it swings out of the way so you can attach the 6x9 roll film back. Finding a used Horseman 6x9 was easy enough. However it seems not to be so easy to find an equivalent 6x12 back. The types commonly available attaches to the camera directly without the need of a reducing back. The Horseman backs I have seen online that may possibly fit are the backs for their SW612p cameras and the back alone is like $800. I don't want to special order one to find it was not made for my needs. Any assistance is appreciated!

Oren Grad
14-Dec-2014, 20:29
I have the Ebony 4x5 Graflok-to-6x9 reducing back, but I've never seen one for 6x12. Could you post a picture of it?

To my knowledge Horseman has only ever offered three kinds of 6x12 back: one mounted on a 4x5 Graflok panel for use with any 4x5 camera with a Graflok back, one dedicated to the SW612 cameras, and IIRC one dedicated to the SW617 camera. Every other 6x12 back that I can think of has been offered only for 4x5, either as slide in or with an integral 4x5 Graflok plate.

EDIT: Actually, I'm not even sure a 6x12 holder for the SW617 ever made it into production. In any case, it's not relevant for your purposes.