View Full Version : Best material to replace light seals

13-Dec-2014, 16:15
Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Calumet C-1 and I have a huge light leak between the filmholder and the film back (the felt like material is degraded). Which is the best material and glue to replace the light seals with. All help appreciated.


Jon Shiu
13-Dec-2014, 16:22
Hi, if you have a huge light leak, I would investigate further to see if the cause is really due to missing felt issues or some type of mis-alignment of film holder/back or something else.


13-Dec-2014, 16:27
when fully seated in the film back and shining a light from the inside I can see light between the film holder and the upper half of the film back on both sides and they match the light leaks that I have on my negatives.

13-Dec-2014, 16:39
I usually replace foam rubber with foam rubber, felt with felt and velvet with velvet.

13-Dec-2014, 17:00
Does anyone sell self adhesing thin strips of velvet?

Ian Gordon Bilson
13-Dec-2014, 18:58
Can't help, but you can add double-sided tape to plain velvet. It has proved quite durable in use.

21-Dec-2014, 02:42
Flocking Material, 1 ft x 47 inches
Item# FLK1