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12-Dec-2014, 22:06

I recently acquired dozens of copies of a Rotelar 380mm 5.6 lens, and I'm trying to figure out if they could be at all usable in certain applications and therefore have some value.
This is a lens head only; no iris, no focusing mechanism.

Most of the copies I have are just like in the first 2 photos I'm attaching, but a few copies are mounted (screwed) into an external ring which appears to accommodate the intended use of the lens (as seen in the last 2 photos).

I wouldn't mind giving away some of these copies to members of this forum who can help me figure out whether the lens can be adapted so that it can be usable. Just let me know if interested.


Dan Fromm
13-Dec-2014, 08:37
Do they form an image? I ask because I recently acquired a 270 Rotelar. It is a long heavy lens. Until proven otherwise what you've shown us looks like a front cell.

This isn't very conclusive. Rotelar is a trade name not a design type so your lenses need not be similar to mine.

Jim Jones
13-Dec-2014, 08:59
See post 5 of http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?65955-Strange-Rotelar-400mm-f-6-6. The long threaded section of the barrel used in conjunction with the numbered scale around the barrel permits precise focusing and refocusing.