View Full Version : Making A Documentary on Artistic Processes of Alternative Photography

11-Dec-2014, 00:54
Dear all:

I am poised for making documentaries on the artistic processes of alternative photography in two fronts:

1. Thematic (UHD/4k format): To discuss on the relevance of the analog artistic processes of photography and priting amidst the digital world in order to influence policymakers and art connoisseurs to adopt and promote the alternative processes.

2. Directive (fullHD/1080p): To capture the process step-by-step in order to encourage and to get the world over to very satisfying alternative processes besides archiving digitally the processes for future consumption.

With the processes growing and the artists to visit are increasing by leaps and bounds, my own budget went short.

Therefore, I just posted a fundraiser for travel at:


Please visit, contribute and share. Thank you in advance for making this project successful.