View Full Version : Pacemaker Speed Graphic focusing scale for a 210mm lens

Sirius Glass
10-Dec-2014, 15:41
How can I make or get a Pacemaker Speed Graphic focusing scale for a 210mm lens?

Is there a standard scale that would work or would I have to have a custom made one?

10-Dec-2014, 23:05
Easy to make, very difficult to find. I think I have one camera around here with a focusing scale, but I've never used one...

Simple - home - made...

Put a marker on the rail, left side (from behind the camera)

Focus the camera to infinity.

Lay a piece of tape on the bed and mark this position as infinity.

Focus to 100 feet. Add another mark on the bed tape.

Focus to 30 feet and add another mark

Same for 10, 5, 2 feet. Of course you can use whatever distances you like.

There's your focus scale...
If you want fancy, peel the tape off the bed and scan it. Clean up the scan and print it. Use clear packing tape over the print-out and apply to the bed in the proper position.

Works for any lens...

And yes, you would need an official "210" focus scale if you want to try and find one. Different scales for every different length lens.

Good luck!

Michael Cienfuegos
11-Dec-2014, 00:13
Have you checked with "shutterfinger" on APUG, AKA PSS45 on graflex.org. He is the most knowledgeable person on graflex cameras.


11-Dec-2014, 23:27
I forgot to mention that to use a focus scale, you must have accurate infinity stops installed so the front standard is always at the same place for that lens.

If you don't have infinity stops, the easy way around it is to mark the rails with fine point sharpie or even pencil. Simply roll the rails all the way back till they stop and lock them there. Set the camera up on a tripod and focus at infinity on the GG by moving the front standard. Make sure the front is parallel to the back and lock it down. Now make lines on both rails where the standard meets the rails. It's not as fast to use as infinity stops but just as accurate. Or as accurate as you make them anyway...