View Full Version : 16" Vitax Front Elements Rochester No.5

10-Dec-2014, 08:56
Hello, I have a question on the front elements of 16'' Wollensak Vitax Rochester No.5 lens. I see a small fungus growing in between the two front elements (not cemented), I have taken a lens apart near the diaphragm for cleaning but not the front elemets, does anyone know if the front portion of the lens can be unscrewed or taken apart? Since I live in a country side of Japan, it will cost me quite a bit to send this cannon outside of japan to have it cleaned by an expert. If you have any experience with it, I'd appreciate your advice, Thanks. KARU:)

Louis Pacilla
10-Dec-2014, 09:12
The front group should be a glued achromatic pair. You may have the your cell placement wrong but for the life of me I don't know how you could do that w/ the Vitax.

Jim Galli
10-Dec-2014, 19:17
Yes, Louis is right. The front group is an achromatic doublet that is glued together with balsam cement. You may be seeing some seperation and thinking the yellowish crazing is fungus. A picture would help if you have one. Easy to remove the entire front group and mail it alone if you had to.