View Full Version : 44" lens board

9-Dec-2014, 15:55
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Does anyone know which camera this lens board fits? I guess it might be Graphic View (and pre-Pacemaker Speed Graphic). It is 44 inches (slightly more than 100100 mm).

David Lindquist
9-Dec-2014, 17:36
Looks like it's for the 4 X 5 Calumet, CC-400 series. Looked at one I have on hand, it has the same number, 105822, on the bad.

John Kasaian
9-Dec-2014, 17:59
Yes, that's what I thought as well. I've never tried putting one on the GV2 or Speeder, so I don't know if they'd interchange or not.

9-Dec-2014, 19:14
Yup CC=400 series.

Doremus Scudder
10-Dec-2014, 04:53
Will likely fit the Graphic View cameras as well.


10-Dec-2014, 07:51
That I cannot answer. I have a CC-401 with a couple lens boards. I also have another lens board that is also 4x4 but it does not fit the CC-401.
I do not know what it fits.