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Stephen Collector
8-Dec-2014, 10:39
I've recently come into some T-Max 100 sheet film, and some T-Max RS Developer. What is the "normal" development time using tray development? I realize that Kodak rates the film at 100 ISO and suggests a time of 11 minutes at 68 degrees which is a very long time. I am assuming that 9 minutes with a rating of 64 might be more in the normal curve for a well exposed and properly developed negative? I could also develop at higher temperature to reduce development times......
Appreciate any feedback in this regard. I use a Pentax 1 degree spot meter to determine exposure and use the zone system.

8-Dec-2014, 11:17
It's my favorite film + developer solution. ;^)

If you're new to this combo, I'd simply start with Kodak's recommendation, take notes, and as your experience grows, adjust temperature/times to your tastes.

For sheets in trays, Kodak says use the following as a "starting point" (BTW, these times seem to differ from your information above):

7.25 min. @ 68 F.
6.25 min. @ 72 F.

The key assumption is that you're using what Kodak considers the 1:4 working solution,
which happens also to be Kodak's stock solution ratio. In other words, Kodak's working solution is the same as their stock solution, 1:4.

But if you wish, you can mix one part of this 1:4 solution, w/ one part water, to create a 1:9 solution – a favorite working solution for people around here.

Alternatively, you can go against Kodak’s warning, mix A+B alone, then add 1 part of this, to 9 parts water, and arrive at 1:9 just the same.

Development times will be longer, of course.

Hope this helps – Kodak's development instructions for this film/developer combo has always been a little vague. I think their publications editor nodded when they were writing them!

Stephen Collector
10-Dec-2014, 15:37
A friend gave ma a gallon of TMax Developer cat no. 159 9844. It says for foll films only? There are no part A and B, just this concentrate which when mixed one to four makes 5 gallons of working solution. I am assuming if I were to use say, 4 oz. of developer to 16 oz. of water for a total volume of 20 oz. in a tray I could then develop say 5 sheets of 4x5 film? or would it be better to use 6 oz. of stock solution to 24 oz. to make 30 oz. of working solution per tray? it's interesting to note that 1:9 is the formula I use for HC 110 developer, which I prefer with Tri X film.

10-Dec-2014, 17:32
"Warning, warning, Will Robinson!" :cool:

Just a note, Kodak says don't use T-Max (non-rs) developer to process sheet films.

Kodak doesn't say why, but I've heard of people doing it & reporting satisfactory results...

You might find this Kodak link about T-Max films helpful:


10-Dec-2014, 21:19
Condenser or diffusion head?

Drew Wiley
11-Dec-2014, 11:56
TMRS is capable of a rather straight line with TMX compared to other developers, esp with "plus" expansion, so full film speed (100) would actually be preferable,
because the greater risk with TMX in contrasty situations is blowing out the highlights. Unfortunately, I don't have my own dev times here with me at the office.

12-Dec-2014, 10:37
Aren't you going to shoot a few sheets of a subject with good light, bright subjects with good shadows and do some short tests?

Develop one and check it to see if you need more or less development. Then you can do the others to fine tune and shoot for real.

Jim S.
14-Dec-2014, 19:03
I just bought some T-max 100 in 4by5, and also wonder which developer to use. When it first came out, I had heard a lot of complaints about the T-max developers introduced with it, poor highlight control if I recall correctly. John Sexton's 1987 article says he likes T-max RS developer-replenisher, and also D-76, but not HC-110. I use HC-110 for my Tri-X and like it a lot. I greatly prefer liquid concentrates, as I shoot only sporatically, so I'd be throwing out a lot of leftover D-76. What do others use for T-max 100? Rodinal, Neofin Blue, perhaps????

14-Dec-2014, 19:21
Rodinal works nicely with T-Max 100.

A starting point - EI 80, 1:50, 13 minutes, 68F
See here:

Recently I've been a bit nonplussed with Rodinal due to it acting differently upon first opening. I am now "seasoning" the developer by allowing it to oxidize a bit before I use it again.