View Full Version : 11-1/2" Verito on a Technika Lensboard

David A. Goldfarb
14-Dec-2004, 20:05
In case you ever thought this sort of thing was impossible, check out the fine work the folks at S. K. Grimes did with this job--


The 11-1/2" f:4 Verito is too big to mount on a Technika board via the regular mount behind the shutter, but the rear threads are deep enough for a ring that can support the weight of the lens, so they made a mounting ring that goes right through the lensboard and just fits inside the light trap on the back of the board. With the front standard on the end of the rail on my Tech V, the lens focuses just past infinity, and at full extension magnification is about 1:1.

Steve Hamley
14-Dec-2004, 20:33

Pretty awesome!

BTW, Linhof used to do something similar with large shutters on small boards; I have a 32cm (no typo) Schneider Xenar f 4.5 in a Compound 4 that was originally mounted on a Linhof 6x9 Tech board. It uses a "tube" secured to the board with 6 small machine screws and the tube is threaded to take the big Compound. It's on a Tech IV board now, which also couldn't normally take this shutter.

It's remarkable what talented and resourseful people can do.


domenico Foschi
14-Dec-2004, 21:52
how much?

David A. Goldfarb
14-Dec-2004, 22:27
Domenico--it was $140 for the custom mount ring plus $25 to drill the lensboard.

Bob Salomon
15-Dec-2004, 04:47
The Wista Extension Lensboard set does the same thing. However, as the weight is set so far in front of the lock for the lensboard Wista include a lock to keep the lensboard release from lifting up due to the weight being displaced to the front.

The Wista set include adaptor rings for 0, 1 and 3 shutters

David A. Goldfarb
15-Dec-2004, 05:53
Bob--I have a Wista extension lensboard, but this lens is just a little too big for it--at least without modifying the lensboard (the tube is too narrow)--but yes, it is very handy for other big lenses that are just a little smaller than this one.

Ole Tjugen
15-Dec-2004, 06:49
Steve, how big is that 32cm Xenar? I have a 300mm f:4.5, which is in a #5 Compound. From what I know the cell threads on the #4 is no larger than 67.92mm versus the #5 with 82.77mm. So how dod they fit a larger lens in a smaller shutter?

Frank Petronio
15-Dec-2004, 06:56
Please tell us what you're using it for (and are your photos online somewhere?) - you have made a lot of good posts, so I bet you have some interesting images...

David A. Goldfarb
15-Dec-2004, 10:06
I'll probably use it for portraits and maybe some still lifes. It just arrived yesterday, so I've just made a couple of quick Polaroid tests so far.

You can drop by my photo site at http://www.echonyc.com/~goldfarb/photo (http://www.echonyc.com/~goldfarb/photo) (not everything there is large format).

Steve Hamley
15-Dec-2004, 14:25

I'm at work now, but the answer is that it isn't an f/4.5, it's an f/5.5 IIRC. I'll check when I get home.


Jim Rice
15-Dec-2004, 15:05
Very nice work, David.