View Full Version : Horseman VH and Super-Angulon 75/5.6 MC

6-Dec-2014, 01:29
I just wanted to share the info that I found that the Super-Angulon 75/5.6 MC actually works (and quite well at that) on the Horseman VH/VH-R, which contradicts the "official" Horseman compatibility lens list, where this lens is listed as not compatible because of a too large rear element. It would be interesting to know if it works on the FA/HD also, where the dimensions of the front standard are very similar, I suppose.

I was looking for a good 75mm lens for the VH recently. Among the available lenses the SA 75/5.6 is one with the largest flange focal distance, which makes it interesting for the Horseman, where the lack of recessed boards limits lens choices, but it's rear element is specified to be just a bit bigger than the 60mm maximum limit of the Horseman front standard. So on the "official" lens list its listed as incompatible. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try and found out that the lens will indeed mount without problems on the camera. The lens will allow about 20 mm of rise before you run into mechanical limitations.
I have been using this lens with the VH for the past two weeks on a field trip in Japan and like it very much. It gives a nice bright ground screen image (compared to the Horseman 65mm lens) and after what I've seen the image quality is very good.

6-Dec-2014, 09:58
What lensboard are you using and how big is the rear element of the lens if it is not 65mm?

6-Dec-2014, 11:50
What lensboard are you using and how big is the rear element of the lens if it is not 65mm?

Hi, I'm using a standard flat Horseman lensboard. The rear element is exactly 65mm wide. The opening in the front standard of the VH is ~65.5 mm wide, so it's definitely tight, but it fits without having to force anything.
My lens is a relatively late model #14.3xx.xxx with black rim copal shutter.