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lee nadel
17-Aug-1999, 18:40
i live in asmall town in ma. i am starting top rint and archive an extensive collection of glass plates taken by a women photographer in the 1880's to earl y 1900's does anyone have an 8x10 enlarger they could donate or need only a sm all compensation so i can print 6/12 x 8/12 plates we are non- profit and would use any help for fund raising to help build an archive thanks a lot lee nadel

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Aug-1999, 23:54
You can get the complete Michael A. Smith article on-line at his website www.michaelandpaula.com

Peter Hughes
18-Aug-1999, 21:59

I think yours is an extremely worthwhile project. Women have been written out of history for too long.

I agree that contact printing is the way to go. But dont be intimidated by the Azo/Amidol stuff, let alone platinum, palladium or carbon printing, which are highly esoteric and expensive processes which only a handful of people today have mastered. Any good enlarging paper will give you fine prints if you know how to use it.


pat j. krentz
19-Aug-1999, 04:48
Sean, is that the right website for Michael Smith, I tried it and got nothing. Pat

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
20-Aug-1999, 12:15
I don't know Pat, it's http://www.michaelandpaula.com. Maybe try copying this to the address line of your browser?