View Full Version : Nikkor 360mm T-ED user opinions

Harley Goldman
13-Dec-2004, 20:49
I am considering the purchase of the Nikkor 360mm T-ED and eventually adding the 500mm rear element. I would love to hear opinions on the strengths and weakness of this lens. I have an Arca F-Line Classic and a Toho. I shoot landscapes.

I have read previous threads and one area of concern is the problems with tilts and swings, due to the focal point of the lens being extended quite a bit forward. Is this a problem with just front movements or does it also apply to rear movements? How much of a pain does this actually present? Have users experienced more problems with flare than they do with other multi-coated lenses? I do like backlit shots. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Galea
13-Dec-2004, 21:30
I love the 360 and 500. I use them for landscapes and portraits. I haven't noticed any problems using tilts and swings, a little bit goes a long way, maybe I haven't ever gotten extreme. It is sharp and contrasty. I always shade the lens with the darkslide, but have rarely shot into the sun. It is part of my travel kit along with a 90, and 180.

Donald Hutton
13-Dec-2004, 23:10
It's a great lens and an outstanding combination. You'd be amazed how often when a 'normal view' composition is not obvious, that there is a long lens composition hiding! I find the 500mm to be a little less contrasty than the 360mm (weird, isn't it?). However, that's not to say it's bad, just not quite as good. Both are excellent lenses. The jumping around of the image when using movements is really not a big deal. I had a 450mm Nikkor which seemed a little sharper and more contrasty than the 500mm arrangement, but not so much better that I didn't sell the heavy inconvenient (Copal 3...) beast and kept the 360-500 combination. I have not experienced any particular flare issues - in fact, the small angle of view means that you can almost always shade the front element really easily, even if you are shooting towards the light source. If you are thinking about a moderately long lens, then the 300mm M Nikkor should always be a consideration - it's only a little shorter than the 360T, a little more contrasty, razor sharp and much cheaper. Then again, it likes bellows...

Arne Croell
14-Dec-2004, 05:45
Does anyone have comments on the 720mm back cell version?

Danny Burk
14-Dec-2004, 09:37
I have the 720mm version and use it very frequently. I have no complaint over its sharpness and have made large prints with excellent results. It's not an easy lens to focus, however, as it doesn't pop in/out of crisp focus as do my other lenses. At first glance this would seem to be because it's f/16 wide open, but my Fuji 450mm "C" is f/12.5 and it's far, far easier to focus. Because of this, I never shoot wider than f/45 with the 720. I normally use a Toyo 3.6x loupe to focus, but in the sole case of the 720, I find it easier to focus precisely with a 6x. There are a large number of images taken with that lens on my website, www.dannyburk.com.

I've used the 360 and 500 rear elements along with my 720's front element. They're also excellent. I see no difficulty using front/rear movements with any of these focal lengths.


Doug Meek
14-Dec-2004, 11:29
I have the 360/500 combo. I absolutely love them. Easy to use, front tilts are no problem whatsoever. I have never understood the difficulty others have expressed at using tilts on these lenses. With a ground glass it's a no-brainer. The 360 is very sharp - right up there with my 110xl. The 500 is also sharp, but not quite as sharp as the 360. I highly recommend this set.

Stpephen Willlard
14-Dec-2004, 21:19
I have the 360, 500, and the 720, and I use them on a regular basis. Rear movements are NOT effected by
the telephoto design of the lens. Front movements are which makes them more difficult. When ever possible
resort to rear movements.

I believe the suite of lenses are rated for 4x5, but they all cover my 5x7 as well. The 500 and the 720 actal cover my 4x10
panoramic camera, but shifts or rises are limited. I have had the lenses for about 5 years now, and have hauled
them into very remote places using my llamas for many months at a time. They have been rained on, snowed on, and subject to just
about any thing you can imagine. They have always worked.

The lenses are optimized for infinity, however I have shot many compositions at less then infinity, with
no noticeable degredation.