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4-Dec-2014, 09:28
Well i found a 4x5 film holder loaded with 2 sheets of apparently exposed film. However i have no clue as to what film it might be. The labeling on the holder says Krome, and another on the dark slides says Provia., thus i assume that it might be some old Ektachrome sheets or Fujifilm Provia. (boath E6)

The sheets are quite ridged and have a semicircle cutout on the lower right side.

Thats about all i know from my hands playing with the film inside my changing bag. If possible i would like to developed the film, and here is were it might get complicated. I, btw have a box of Ektachrome in my possession, but its the quick load type, as well as a open box of T-MAX. So here is the part im most interested in. What would happen if i developed B&W or C41 film in E6 chemicals? Would it even yield an image?.

4-Dec-2014, 10:09
Sheet film is notched for identification. If it's actually a single round notch it is likely Velvia but check here for a full list of Fuji notch codes:


4-Dec-2014, 10:45
I have just made a very interesting discovery, the box of supposedly T-MAX 100 film is not what it says on the box, according to the notch on the one sheet i sacrificed to practice loading film holders (i did not have any other film at the time, and the one pack was most likely burned anyway) it is in fact not T-Max but Fujichrome Velvia RVP, according to the datasheet adelorenzo provided me.

now that i have the sheet in front of me, i will describe it, its a greenish gray emulsion on one side, and a green color on the back. And yes it dose only have one semicircular notch on the right side. Could it be that Kodak changed their notch coding at some point? Since i don't have a new box of TMAX at the moment, i can only compare it to a sheet of Fomapan classic 100 i have also fried (by accident). The fomapan classic has a grey emulsion also, but a blue back side.

Also thank you very much for the datasheet!

4-Dec-2014, 10:50
Also acording to this sheet: http://www.mattosbornephotography.com/film_chart.jpg the film is Ektachrome, well the one in the Tmax box anyway. As the notch in that chard looks exactly like the one my sheet. I can take a picture of the sheet if you guys want.

4-Dec-2014, 11:17
If the notch was on the lower-right corner when loaded in the holder, you might as well toss it because it was loaded upside down.

If it's just the semicircle, that's been the Velvia notch code for a long time, but that said, some oddball films use that simple notch (like the Efke IR820 I have). If it has two semi circles, that's something different.

Getting Velvia instead of T-Max is pretty cool! Unless you don't want to shoot color film. Then send it to me :).

4-Dec-2014, 11:49
Also i must correct my self, its on the lower left corner, i had the loading slot facing away from me, that's why i wrote right. Sorry about the confusion. I am a bit tired at the moment, and such silly mistakes tend to happen when im basically half asleep.