View Full Version : Turner-Reich Anastigmat F:9 Series V 16x18 Coverage

Arthur Nichols
3-Dec-2014, 12:53
Does anyone know what the coverage is on this lens? My math tells me at least 24". I never ran out of coverage while using on 7x17.

Andrew Plume
3-Dec-2014, 14:47
Hello Arthur

this may help:




3-Dec-2014, 15:14
16x18? :cool:

4-Dec-2014, 11:35
According to the linked catalog, the series V was a process lens and the 16X18 model had an EF of 18 inches. I think the listed coverage is for 1:1 magnification ratio. I'm guessing an 18 inch process lens might cover 10X12 at infinity.

Arthur Nichols
5-Dec-2014, 10:41
I just put it on my Korona 7x17 and do not see any falloff even at maximum rise. It is in a compound shutter that will need a CLA. It is only firing on one speed right now, so I guess it will need a trip to Flutots. Anyone have an idea of its worth? It came with the camera and I have not been able to find other examples to determine pricing.
Thanks for all who have replied so far

6-Dec-2014, 10:27
I have a Turner-Reich triple that just covers 8X10 with a little wiggle room. I can use a lot of front rise and the illumination on the GG looks fine, but illumination fall-off in the upper corners is noticeable on a print. There is a quick and easy way to check if your GG has cut corners. Set up the camera focused at infinity and set the aperture for f22 or f32. Peek through each of the cut corners. If the aperture looks round, all is good. If it looks like a gibbous moon but mostly full, it's probably OK. If it looks like a gibbous moon less than 3/4 full, you might see some illumination fall-off in the corners on a print. Sometimes stopping down to f45 or f64 can improve the situation.