View Full Version : Question about lens board for Technikardan 45

3-Dec-2014, 03:24
Been searching for an answer, just want to make sure.

I need to get a lens board for a Fujinon 150mm 5.6 to use with my TK 45.

Am thinking of getting a Copal 0 one (or maybe a couple) from ecbuyonline2008 on eBay.


They are centered. Are they ok?

Do I in fact need centered or off centered?


Bob Salomon
3-Dec-2014, 04:48
Linhof, the company that makes your camera, does not make what you call a "centered" board for a 150mm lens. You need a standard, flat Linhof board. Period.
If the board is not made by Linhof or is an old Linhof board then it may not fit a TK properly, or a modern Technika, due to the extremely tight tolerances that modern Linhof cameras are made to without removing some paint from the long edges of the board.

If the board that you buy does not have the hole in the same position as the real Linhof board then when all movements are at 0 the lens will be uncentered on the film.

3-Dec-2014, 07:07
Thanks Bob, but need to find something for a lot less than $200.

John Schneider
3-Dec-2014, 11:45
KEH is your best bet. I always prefer Linhof boards; new or used they fit the best. I have had very good luck also with name-brand copies (Nikon, Toyo, Wista). Anything by other than these four manufacturers has always been a disappointment. And for recessed boards, always get a Linhof.

3-Dec-2014, 21:54
Thanks John.