View Full Version : Copal No. O - Stuck during a shoot

Kimberly Anderson
1-Dec-2014, 22:24
Yesterday my Copal No. O totally crapped out on my in the 38 deg. f. shooting weather. Nothing would un-stick it. Changing speeds, opening/closing the shutter, nothing I could do would get it to work.

Fortunately I got one shot off before it stopped for good.

There are a few places I know where to send it...just wondering if anyone has experienced a shutter jam like this in the relatively not-so-cold temps of this Utah winter (and it's not even cold yet!).

Thinking of a Naptha bath for it tomorrow...

Jim Jones
2-Dec-2014, 08:37
The problem may be due to the cool temperature, or old lube, or some tiny particle stuck in the gear train. I'd take the lens cells out and try a little naptha in the gear trains before doing anything else. If it seems to work, then cock the shutter and leave it in a freezer for a few hours and promptly try it again while it's still cold. Any cure you can do at home is usually not a permanent cure, though.

Andrew Plume
2-Dec-2014, 10:58
Hello KA

sorry to hear about that - yes, been there with shutters when 'out shooting', albeit usually with medium format ones that is - after the most recent incident last month, my attitude now is to simply take barrel lenses. 'The risk' becomes virtually no risk............................



Kimberly Anderson
2-Dec-2014, 16:12
Naptha bath has me back up and running. I probably ought to send this little deary in for a CLA. Thanks guys!