View Full Version : Kodak Portrait lens

Erik Ryberg
16-Aug-1999, 13:23
I have found an interesting lens, called a "Kodak Portrait Lens," 305 mm. It is enormous. But what is most interesting is the fact that it only has a rear ele ment. The shop that has it knows nothing at all about it and I don't have my vi ew camera with me (I'm away from home) to try it out. The diaphragm sits in fro nt of the back element, and there is nothing else - no glass in the front.

Has anyone ever used this lens? What exactly does it do?

Alec Jones
16-Aug-1999, 17:42

You have the 12" lens [there was also a 16"] When the lens is used wide open at f/4.5the soft-focus effect is most pronounced, while at f/22 the effect disappears almost completely. For best results with this lens, the expousre should never be made at a smaller stop than was used for focusing. The design of the lenses is such that at the larger stops each highlight point in the scene will be surrounded by a soft halo. I believe yours covers 5x7 while the 16" was for 8x10. Yours was supplied in a No. 5 Ilex shutter, while the 16" was in barrel only. The lenses are coated [Lumenized]. Good luck