View Full Version : Aerographic Film?

Christopher Barrett
30-Nov-2014, 15:42
A thread in the for sale section has peaked my interest in bulk film sold for aerial photography. From my research, it seems that both Kodak and Agfa produced aerographic films in color and B&W in various sizes. Both companies offered a color film without orange mask which is of great interest to me for scanning. I believe the Agfa is still produced and reformatted as the Rollei Digibase (available in 35mm and 120 at B&H).


Can anyone shed light on this stuff for me? I would be cutting it down for 4x10. Any links to dealers? Has anyone tested the IQ bonus of scanning without the orange mask? Any other thoughts?


30-Nov-2014, 17:53
Check this post --> http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?116215-FS-9-5-quot-x-250ft-Kodak-2402-2444-Roll-Film-ULF-7x17-8x20&p=1193029#post1193029