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11-Dec-2004, 21:15
Does any one use a Foba mini super ball head with a field camera like a Toyo AII with sometimes a relatively heavy optic on? Can the head handle this weight? Or is it just at its limits?

Bob Fowler
15-Dec-2004, 11:08
The Foba website doesn't give max load information (Bogen gives that for the Manfrotto heads), but they do say that it's intended for small and medium format cameras. I'd say you'd probably be pushing the envelope with a 4X5 field camera, better to go with something larger.

Randy Becker
15-Dec-2004, 13:55
Believe it or not, I use my foba mini for both my 4x5 wisner AND my 8x10 Tachihara. It works fine for both but I am trying to figure out a way to put a Bogen plate adapter so I don't have to use the thread all of the time.

As for using this with my 8x10, I almost never use my 8x10 at much of an angle. Pretty much straight and level. Using this ball head with my Wisner seems to be the perfect match. It holds the camera steady even with a Rodenstock 210mm attached and me fiddling with movements and inserting/withdrawing film holders.

I use this ball head with their optional panning base. I actually bought that for use with another (inferior but free) ball head.


15-Dec-2004, 16:00
Randy are you sure you are using Mini super ball plus (Balmu) and not super ball (Ballo)? According to this pdf file: http://www.foba.ch/pdf/FOBA_tripod_heads.pdf (http://www.foba.ch/pdf/FOBA_tripod_heads.pdf) / http://www.foba.ch/pdf/index.htm (http://www.foba.ch/pdf/index.htm) the mini ball has a load capacity of 8 kilo grams despite having the same size ball as the Markins or Arcatech with Markins claiming a load capacity of 40 kilos. Not that I donít believe you Randy but I need a ball head soon and Foba is very near me.

Thanx in advance

Randy Becker
16-Dec-2004, 15:34

Yes I am talking about the Mini Superball (don't know about the plus part). I just used it this morning with my digital camera. In fact, I just checked the correct spelling just now. I don't know metric measurements but my 8x10 is a Tachihara which is 10 1/2 lbs without a lens.

In a world of overstated claims, I think this mini superball is one this that is actually understated in its capabilities.

If you buy one of these, just remember that the top plate with the mounting screw (stud?) is european threaded on one side and "standard US" on the other. The 2 screws that hold it on allow you to flip it over as needed. My only point of contention with the unit is that the heads of these screws are fairly soft and if you don't use the correct sized phillips (cross) screwdriver, you can tear them up pretty badly. Unfortunately I know this from experience. At least Sinar was helpful in sending me a new set n/c.

Good luck.