View Full Version : Imagon 300mm - instructions

Robin Coutts
11-Dec-2004, 06:00
I am in the process of getting a 300mm Imagon. Does any one have instructions that are e mailble for this lens please

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
11-Dec-2004, 07:56
Contact me off list and I can email you a copy of "Introducing the Imagon".

David Kaplan
11-Dec-2004, 12:52
I have the instruction book for a 200mm Imagon (and the lens, mounted on a Pentax 67). Contact me off list and I'll send you a scan.


ronald moravec
13-Dec-2004, 19:26
Older models have a compound shutter and open to full H 5.6. Later ones are in a Copal and the shutter is smaller so it doesn`t open as far.

There is a trick to the preview with the compound and you can break it easily if the sequence is wrong.

If you are getting a compound, post a new question on its operation. Someone will know.

Georgous images. You will love it if you like soft focus.

Kill the deal if it is the old one and you don`t get all three discs. Discs for the later ones are still available. Check with Bob Solomon, HP Marketing.