View Full Version : I search information about the Dallmeyer telephoto lenses.

28-Nov-2014, 08:48
Hello together. I find no information to these lenses of Dallmeyer. These are 17", 24", 30", 40" lenses. What somebody what of it? I would like to know which image circle have everybody. Whether does it cover to a 18x18" camera with 1.3 metres bellows?

Kevin J. Kolosky
28-Nov-2014, 11:24
Are these Tele-Anastigmat DAllons?
If so, according to information I have, they were first produced in London in 1920.
the 17 inch should cover 5 x 7, the 24 inch should cover 6.5 x 8.5, the 30 inch should cover 6.5 x 8.5, and the 40 inch should cover 6.5 x 8.5. If they are Tele-Adons, then their max coverage would be 5 x 7.

So, If you do your conversion of meters to inches you can figure out whether you will have enough bellows to cover.

Tin Can
28-Nov-2014, 11:52
I have a Dallon Tele-Anastigmat f7.7 !2" with front element fungus, in broken Compur.

I wonder what this tiny lens covers.

Anybody got a cure for fungus?

This may be the lens I try experimenting on for fungus abatement. Advise?

Kevin J. Kolosky
28-Nov-2014, 12:28
the 12 inch (300mm) should cover 4 x 5.

29-Nov-2014, 02:20
Thanks for the answers. Actually, I search an antique lens with a big image circle, like Petzval, Hermagis or Dallmeyer. Have, however, no notion because so few infos and so few lenses gives (with ebay).

Steven Tribe
29-Nov-2014, 03:24
These early lenses (1900 - 1920?) with the extra (sometimes adjustable distance) double concave lenses at the rear were often converted to fit onto the smaller format cameras from 1930 onwards with professional (or amateur) tubes. Typically used by sports photographers/bird watchers and the like!