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Christopher Barrett
27-Nov-2014, 07:50
My SK SS 150mm XL definitely needs a Center Filter. Schneider makes a 62mm one that would fit the rear threads. It would simplify things greatly for me if this was a workable solution. Any thoughts? Terrible idea? The rear element is quite small, so I can imagine that the coverage might not match well. Right now I use a Lee hood on the front (often with a Big Stopper ND) and the front mount CF would throw a wrench in that setup. I could mount the hood on the front of the CF but would expect vignetting.


William Whitaker
27-Nov-2014, 08:00
So, Schneider made the lens and Schneider makes the filter? Do I read that correctly?
Have you asked Schneider?

Just sayin'...

27-Nov-2014, 08:07
Have you considered a digital centre filter? It used to be available as a free plug-in from Schneider, not sure if it's still free.

EDIT: yes, it's still free; go to the "Download" page, fill out the info, and you will get an email with downloadable plug-in.

Might be worth a try before spending more money on a filter.

Bob Salomon
27-Nov-2014, 08:10
Terrible idea. It will materially effect the resolution, if that matters.

The CF goes directly on the front and any oter filter goes on top of it. Bear in mind, that a CF will not work unless the lens is stopped down at least 2 stops.

Or find a Rodenstock 150mm Apo Sironar W lens. It covers 80 and did not need a center filter.

27-Nov-2014, 08:13
Christopher, I think you will find that using a center-filter at the rear element will be frustrating and ineffective. It will not work as it should because they are designed to be in front of the lens, and therefore out-of-focus. Putting a glass filter at the rear causes it to become part of the optics. Focus will shift so you must focus with it in place, and the view is dark (and even darker if you close at least two stops).

My sympathies. It took me years to find bargains for the two smaller center-filters I use.

Edit: I see that Bob S has contributed. Thanks, Bob.

Liquid Artist
29-Nov-2014, 22:24
I use a rear mounted filter with a couple of wide angle lenses, and I have eliminated vignetting issues and haven't noticed any new issues arrising.

However, like Jac said I put the filter on before focusing. With darker filters this can make focusing miserable to say the least.

I am planning on mounting a Cokin A filter system to the rear of a couple lens boards in the future, but never seem to have the time.