View Full Version : User experiences with Schneider SA 58XL on Tech V?

Mike Lewis
10-Dec-2004, 19:07
I would like to hear of any experiences using the Schneider SA 58mm XL on a Linhof Technika V, employing (of course) the legendary wide-angle focusing device. Any takers? Thanks.

Mike Lewis

Scott Atkinson
10-Dec-2004, 20:04

I used the Technika V/58XL combo occasionally a few years ago, but not with the wide-angle device--I just moved the lens in and out on the track with my hand while I watched the groundglass with a loupe. It was crude but worked. There's no problem with the camera accommodating the 58, if that's your concern--as long as you don't expect to use many movements (that lens won't cover much, anyhow). I've also used the 58 with a Master Technika 2000, with the built-in wide angle track...no problem.

gary mulder
11-Dec-2004, 02:05
I use a master technika, not 2000 with the 58 XL and the wide - angle device. First there are almost no movements possible. Second it is not possible to use a center filter. The focusing knob prevents this. I made a different model focusing knob to use the center filter. Not easy to do. requires fine mechanic skills. Linhof can put this lens on a special lensboard with helical mount...$$$