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steve hartsfield
24-Nov-2014, 08:23
I have purchased some Fomatone chamois 542 II paper and am unsure about the best developer. I have read about the Fomatol PW, Photo Formulary 106 and some others. I have read that cool tone/neutral developers (dektol, etc) tend to cause a greenish tint, however I do not want a soft developer, which is recommended for the best effect. I prefer the normal contrast developers. Would the green of the Dektol type developers be neutralized by selenium toning? Any recommendations/experience?

Bruce Barlow
24-Nov-2014, 08:31
Ansco 130, available from Formulary. Warm tone, lasts forever, forgiving of changes in dilution. A classic paper developer. Good stuff.

Green Dektol tint that shows up on some papers is usually eliminated by selenium toning. That said, Dektol is a fairly cool-tone developer.

The Ansco is a relatively sure bet, if you're looking for a warm-tone print.

steve hartsfield
24-Nov-2014, 09:27
Thanks Bruce, I will give it a try.

Drew Wiley
24-Nov-2014, 10:02
130 divides the silver rather finely, so is esp compatible with toners afterwards.

24-Nov-2014, 10:09
With the old Agfa Portriga 118 I like two developer baths, Dektol and selectol soft. The time ratio in each developer adjusted accordingly for the image.
Produced some lovely subtle split tones when toned in selenium.

24-Nov-2014, 10:39
Ilford Warm tone developer is ideal or make up ID78 which is the older Ilford commercial warm tone developer.l Both are excellent with the Foma warm tone papers, don't over develop it kills the warmth.


24-Nov-2014, 11:11
I've just been making some prints on 542-I and my favorite developer is Agfa Neutol WA (now sold as Compard print WA). (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/9421-Compard-Print-WA-Paper-Developer-Agfa-Neutol-WA-Formula-1.25-liter) I like it better than Ilford Warmtone or Ansco 130. Ansco 130 seems more like a neutral developer to me. It's fairly concentrated and has a great working life. Looks amazing with the Fomatone.

24-Nov-2014, 14:12
In my experience, Foma warmtone papers show an marked greenish cast in Dektol, rather
unpleasant. But they also respond well to selenium or gold toning, and change color rapidly.
They are also suitable to bleach and redevelopment techniques.

25-Nov-2014, 15:34
I like this paper, just discovered it recently. I've been developing it in Sprint (university darkroom) and even though the image itself is not exactly warm toned, it looks nice. I'm anxious to make some further tests toning, bleach/re.dev. etc.

25-Nov-2014, 17:04
... Ansco 130 seems more like a neutral developer to me...


'Stock' Ansco 130 is on the Neutral side of things...
I too favor Ansco 130... But ONLY something *like* the 'Ansel Adams' version.
If mixing it from scratch... Start, by completely omitting the Hydroquinone and Potassium Bromide and also reduce the Sodium Sulfite to around 30-35g/L... And you are 'Off to the Races'.


Also... Don't be afraid to Dilute it 1:3 and extend your Developing times to 5-6 Minutes.
*Later on... You might also want to try substituting Potassium Carbonate for the Sodium Carbonate.
Best regards,


Chuck Pere
4-Dec-2014, 07:38
I'm also a fan of the Compard Print WA. Same as the old Agfa Neutol WA and available from Freestyle. I've used it for years with many different warm toned papers. At least give it a try

Michael Graves
4-Dec-2014, 07:54
I have not used the Chamois, but regarding other warm toned papers, I have found that an Ansco 130 formula works well. No apparent greenish tone, deep blacks and a tone that while warm is not overly so. Photographer's Formulary should be able to set you right up. It's great stuff. And if you ever use the Adox remakes of the old Agfa papers, that is a lovely combination.