View Full Version : Ilford HYPAM.......still waiting.

9-Dec-2004, 22:44
I ordered hypam (5 liter) from calumet over two months ago. Still is on backorder. I understand Ilford is still producing, but any idea when? I prefer a liquid fixer. Any suggestions?

9-Dec-2004, 23:28
Although Ilford are producing film and paper, it is strongly rumoured that some chemicals will not be seeing the light of day again - I do not know if Hypam is one of them. I know that some liquid chemicals have been delivered to UK suppliers, but no powdered ones. Chemical production will likely be outsourced in future: again, I'm not sure if that applies to all chemicals or only powered ones.

None of which helps you now, but at least gives an overview of where things stand at the moment (i.e. a few facts and a lot of rumour...). Ask Calumet if they know anything definitive about delivery. Luckily the likes of Hypam & ID-11 etc, if discontinued, can be replaced with similar products from other suppliers. Fingers crossed that does not become necessary...

Cheers, Bob.

10-Dec-2004, 01:05
The complete line of powder chemicals has been discontinued. We havenīt been able to get HYPAM the last 12 month here in europe. The hyapm has been "replaced" by ilford Rapid Fix

Nick Morris
10-Dec-2004, 14:17
I also have been unable to get Hypam, but I have only tried locally (Richmond, Va.). So I bought Ilford's Rapid Fixer, also a liquid. I don't think its a replacement for Hypam, because they were both available at the same time. I used the Rapid before using the Hypam. I have been thinking of trying Formulary's T-4 (???) Fixer. Has anyone used this fixer, and did you like it? I believe it is a liquid, and oderless.

Neal Wydra
10-Dec-2004, 14:53
Kodak Rapid Fixer can be used in a similar fashion to Hypam (i.e. with or without hardnener).

Jim Ewins
10-Dec-2004, 16:43
I've been using the Formulary fixer TF-4 for about a year. Firstly no stopbath is needed, secondly no hypo clear is needed and it is fast. 30/60 sec for RC/FB. Non hardening which makes toning easier and great shelf/tray life. I think it is amonia based but the smell disapears rapidly. Shorter washing times. It is the recommended fixer for pyro.

11-Dec-2004, 05:50
Ng -

that's correct. Ilford Hypam and Rapid Fixer complement each other rather than replace one another. Rapid Fixer has become more difficult to source in England over the past few months although gallon tanks of Hypam can be found (the difficulty being that mail order doubles the price due to weight of the 5litre stuff).

Paterson also make "Acufix". I'm not sure why Paterson chemicals have had a fringe following. They make some excellent chemistry including Acufix, Aculux, Acustop. Acupuncture is made by someone else. Cures warts too.

Brian Ellis
11-Dec-2004, 05:58
I use Clayton liquid fix. Haven't bought any in the last year or so but it presumably is still available. I bought it from The View Camera Store (formerly Darkroom Innovations).

11-Dec-2004, 06:51
when mixed with water, sodium thiousulfate becomes liquid, go figure.

Gem Singer
11-Dec-2004, 08:39
Jack B. (or Severian, whichever name you are using, today),

Hypam is an AMMONIUM thiosulfate fixer, not a SODIUM thiosulfate fixer. It is the only fixer that Ilford makes (or, made) that allows for the addition of a hardener. If Ilford has actually discontinued producing it, I, for one, will miss it. Most of the year, I work under extreme warm conditions that require a hardener for film developing.

11-Dec-2004, 11:39
you could always use kodak rapid fix a/b or heico NH5.

Gem Singer
11-Dec-2004, 13:09
I certainly have checked out Heico NH-5, and I have previously used Kodak Rapid Fixer, with, and without hardener as well as Ilford Rapid Fixer, without hardener. However, the last 5 liter container of Hypam, that I purchased for around $16, gave me 25 liters of working fixer solution. I cannot say that for the others.

Annie M.
11-Dec-2004, 13:51
Agfa FX-Universal multipurpose liquid fixer at about $8US per five litre bottle... 1:5 for film,
1:7 for paper. This fixer is a very economical alternative and is an Ammonium thiosulfate/Sodium sulfite formula... as such you can use a water stop bath and reduced fixing
and washing times as per the TF-4. I have been using the Agfa FX-Universal with good
results for over a year.

11-Dec-2004, 14:13
believe it or not--okay, probably not for consumers-- a 5 gal cube of rapid A is dirt cheap. I haven't looked at the contract lately, but it used to be around 40-50 bucks. so, we never had much reason to use Ilford, or anyone else to be honest, because Kodak was so cheap. people gripe & complain about them all the time--but if you buy enough of it yearly, you get a good deal.

Gem Singer
11-Dec-2004, 16:06
Annie M.

There is only one problem with Agfa FX-Universal fixer. My supplier, B&H, in New York, can't send it to me in Dallas because of their shipping restrictions. It seems to be more expensive to purchase it from a local camera shop in my area, even without the shipping charges.

Annie M.
11-Dec-2004, 16:40

I checked several sites and the US price is indeed close to $20..... Yikes!! I wonder why there is such a significant price difference on this product between Canada and the US.

Charles Forde
14-Dec-2004, 05:50
I also ordered Hypam from Calumet in the U.K., I saw on their computer that they had 150 units of 2 x 5 litre on back order with Ilford. I rang Ilford to find out what was happening and they said a new shipment had arrived and been sent out to various dealers with in the U.K. and Calumet had been sent 40 units. I got my fixer last week, but at the moment Calument seems to have run out of the 5 litre size and have only the 1 litre in stock.
Also I was pleased to hear that whan I asked Ilford about their FB gallerie paper that they are still making it