View Full Version : 5x7 film holders

21-Nov-2014, 23:07
I have just acquired a couple of "5x7" film holders. They are the Fidelity Deluxe with dimensions marked on the holder as 12x16.5cm and 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 (one on each side). Are these the correct film holders for 5x7 films? Or are they for different film formats?


Oren Grad
21-Nov-2014, 23:14
Those are half plate holders, not 5x7. The 5x7's will be marked "5x7".

21-Nov-2014, 23:57
Thanks Oren. and they can't be used with 5x7 film?

Oren Grad
22-Nov-2014, 09:14
You'd have to trim the 5x7 sheets to fit.