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20-Nov-2014, 17:21
It may be easy for some but others require scenes like the one from Boinzo recently at Rainbow Waters (Gudda Gumoo) to be painted on !

I am thinking of going to Carnarvon Gorge during the Christmas break (which is not too far from Rainbow Waters... perhaps a mere 300 kms) and wonder if that is such a good idea because it is inland Queensland during the height of summer ... Tips from fellow travellers in this area of the world regarding other sights to see would be appreciated.

I've got a feeling I may be asking for photographic tips pretty soon thereafter though coz I reckon it will take something special to do a Rainbow Waters shot.

20-Nov-2014, 18:19
Anywhere through Central Queensland will be hot as at that time. But having said that - you stand a good chance of some dramatic thunderstorm action to provide some interesting light.

Carnavon is a great location although I think difficult to photograph. It is at its best when there has been some good rain and Carnavon Creek is running strongly. So at the end of the wet season - around March.

There are several interesting side canyons - Warrabundah is probably the best of them - it's very narrow. Take wet shoes and be prepared to climb and scramble some to get as far up the canyon as you can.

The whole place can be a bit of a zoo - although nothing like Yosemite in July! :-) You can stay in a private park called Takaraka just near the entrance - they have cabins as well as power sites etc. The National Park camp ground is only open in school holidays and sites usually book out in about 15 minutes.

I have always found Carnavon challenging for image making. I have had 3 trips there and never managed to return with something I could exhibit. But it is still a fantastic place.

Gudda Gumoo in Blackdown Tableland NP is an entirely different landscape. I think it is the better of the 2. It is not accessible to Caravans and is not on the usual tourist trail so tends to be much less populated. I was there in School Holidays and there were only 2 other groups in the area. You need to be prepared for basic camping - BYO water etc. There are drop toilets but nothing else. It is a fantastic camp ground tho - with plenty of privacy. The road is not suitable for Caravans or large trailers.

Rainbow Waters is a short 4km (each way) hike after an 8km drive from the campground. Again - recent rain is required to see this place at its best. It is a wonderful photographic location affording many compositional opportunities.

There are plenty of locations around Mimosa Creek that are worth blowing film on. I still have a couple from there to scan ...

Further south look at Girraween NP or nearby Sundown NP (4WD access only!). These will be much cooler at that time of year than Carnavon.

If you feel like going a long way North and West and getting proper hot - Porcupine Gorge is worth the trip!

22-Nov-2014, 21:33

Do you have a serious setup for these trips ? How much preparation is needed ? For example, bring your own water is fairly involved. Do you take PLB's or a buddy ?

Can't see myself going as far as Porcupine myself ... that'd be three days of driving to get there.

Given the temperatures over the last couple of days I think I'll try underwater LF photography on the coast !

23-Nov-2014, 05:12
I have a swag. A tarp. And 2 x 10l water bottles. And a battery and fridge for the film (and beer). And solar panels.
PLB - nah. First aid kit. Yes. These places all have other people at them. Even if only 1 ... Places with no one else are so rare now.
Yes, porcupine is a long way and certainly better in winter.