View Full Version : Would anyone have more info on Leitmeyr?

Leo Salazar
16-Aug-1999, 11:12
Hi !

I recently bought a lens identified as: Anastigmat 1:6.8 F - 90mm Leitmeyr Munch en V Weitwinkle mounted on a Prontor II shutter.

The lens is single coated, very sharp and in prime condition.

Can anyone give me more info on this lens, I don't seem to even find the maker o r references to the lens maker.

Many thanks !


Guy Wayne Ulrich
14-Sep-1999, 21:13
The lens you have is a 4 element double-Gauss type lens, like the Wide Field Ektars, Wollensak 90mm F/6.8 Optar, etc, etc.. It's made to cover 4 by 5. I have no info on Leitmeyer except that I have a 1957 Popular Photo that shows this lens being sold for 99 dollars by a company I can't remember. (A camera store).