View Full Version : Carl zeiss protar 140mm f18 with commpur shutter.

17-Nov-2014, 18:17
My lens with commpur shutter, but recently the shutter doesn't work. I want change a Commpur 0 # shutter for this lens...But I found the thread diameter of front and rear group is 30.5 cm. Commpur 0 # thread diameter is 29.5 cm, can be installed? Whether the original shutter is specially made for protar?

19-Nov-2014, 13:40
It is better to fix the shutter instead of changing to another shutter.

19-Nov-2014, 13:51
PM shutterfinger on the APUG forum. Maybe he can help with the repair.

Carsten Wolff
19-Nov-2014, 15:36
PM shutterfinger on the APUG forum. Maybe he can help with the repair.
Or send it e.g. to flutotscamerarepair.com. They'll more than likely make it run like new again.

20-Nov-2014, 01:29
After fixing, reminding that the shutter speed dial should be turning in one way direction.

20-Nov-2014, 01:36
I got my compur shutter back from repairing today.125321

20-Nov-2014, 02:04
I have the Ross f16 version of this lens in a brass barrel and they cover 10x8. Originally Ross made the Protar under licence but mine's an AM (Crown) Air Ministry version and un-named.

You might find another working shutter, I have a couple of spare Dial set Compurs but I think they are larger. I have a Voightlander advert somewhere which lists the sizes of the dial set Compurs, including the thread sizes, there was an attempt to standardise them like the Compounds. They went from 00, to 0, 1, & 2 but aren't interchangeable with later rimset Compurs.

My experience of these old Compurs is they can be remarkably accurate even when over 100 years old, my oldest is with a 1912 165mm f6.3 Tessar.


1-Dec-2014, 01:48
Thank you,Old-N-Feeble ,jesse and IanG.The shutter has been sent to repair.