View Full Version : Can I convert my F2 into an 8x10?

17-Nov-2014, 16:35
Could I take my Sinar F2 and get a new rear standard and new bellows and my it into a 8x10??
Since Sinars are so modular I am hoping...

Drew Wiley
17-Nov-2014, 17:05
Yes, because you do have sufficient rise on the front standard; but that standard will not be as rigid as the official 8x10 F2 front standard, which is made of steel.
But by the time you come up with a whole 8x10 rear assembly plus bellows, it will probably be more cost effective to simply buy an entire 8x10 camera.

Greg Davis
17-Nov-2014, 17:24
I just did this. I bought a camera from Columbus Camera Group that was a mix of F1 and F2 4x5 parts, and over time I have made it into an 8x10 P camera.

18-Nov-2014, 05:08
Modularity of Sinar doesn't necessarily mean high cost per individual item. I was lucky to get 10.75" rear frame, 8x10 standard, rear P carrier with minor damage, front P carrier with even smaller damage and 8x10 bag bellows for a ridiculously low cost. But the 8x10 P back eludes me. Anyone has one extra they'd like to part with?

Drew Wiley
18-Nov-2014, 09:53
True 8x10 F2 standards are relatively uncommon compared to the abundance of old P components. It seems that the handful of people using 8x10 F2's are either
hanging onto them or selling these cameras intact to someone who wants them in that specific configuration. There are all kinds of bastardized units for sale out
there, more akin to the C configuration: A "P" back, but an ordinary lightwt 4x5 front standard. I've pretty much "upgraded/old-graded" my remaining Sinar components to the Norma system, at least for field use.