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17-Nov-2014, 13:26
Hello all:

I have a camera that I can't identify. It's a 5X7 with a Wollensak Elostigmat lens. Any identification plates are gone. I've attached a couple of photos. I had a suspicion that it's a Deardorff, but the hardware isn't quit right. Any help would be appreciated.125167

17-Nov-2014, 13:36
I don't know what it is, but I would say it is NOT a Deardorff. You can look at dozens of Deardorff photos, and the cameras do not look like this camera. I will also strongly advise you against advertising it as a Deardorff on ebay.

17-Nov-2014, 14:03
I agree - it's definitely not a Deardorff. The only ID I was able to find on the camera was the number 34 (probably a serial number) stamped into the wood frame. It doesn't show that well on the photo, but this camera has a double rack and extends out to 15 or 16 inches. I guessing the year at 1900 because there is not shutter mechanism. Hopefully, someone on the forum will be able to provide some input.

Jim Noel
17-Nov-2014, 14:15
From looking at the base I believe it is British made and had a matching tripod rather than a threaded mounting as we are used to in the US.Your dating may not be too far off, but I would think a little later, perhaps the 1920's-30's.

17-Nov-2014, 15:04
Thanks for the info. I've seen other cameras with large rotating tripod mounts , but none British. I've attached a photo of the bottom with the tripod mount shown. The inner ring rotates. There is usually a plate that attaches to the bottom ring that has the tripod mount in the center. sometimes I've seen a dedicated tripod that is part of the camera "package".

18-Nov-2014, 11:25
The camera could be Japanese. There are a number of wooden Japanese field cameras of similar appearance and vintage.

It might be half-plate rather than 5x7.

Finally, BTW, this thread is in the wrong forum. It should be in the Camera one, not image sharing.


18-Nov-2014, 12:42
Thanks for the information, Bob. Sorry about posting to the wrong forum. I've corrected the error and moved the posting to the camera forum. I will take a look at Japanese cameras to try to find a match.

karl french
18-Nov-2014, 18:42
I was going to say, those knobs and the little capture nuts look the same as some Japanese plate cameras I've seen.

18-Nov-2014, 18:51
You posted this on the image sharing section. That's for photographer's work, not "what's it worth" questions. You posted the same camera and same question also in the Camera's section, the proper place. I recommend we close this thread.