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Mike Lopez
9-Dec-2004, 08:18
Can anyone tell me whether it is usually possible to travel from the Bryce Canyon area to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon via Page, AZ, in early March? I know the northern rim is closed at that time, but it is possible to go around to the east to get to the southern rim in a standard sedan? Thanks for any information.

9-Dec-2004, 08:44
To get to the south rim you will need to go south of page to Flagstaff and the normal way around. You can take the interstate to williams and then head north through Valle and to the park entrance. That time of year would be the worst to travel on dirt roads in a sedan. Stick to the pavement. There is an alternate route through flagstaff and it is prettier. The road should be plenty passable in march. Take US 180 through Flagstaff and it will take you to Valle then head north.

9-Dec-2004, 08:51
Just did a map search on Yahoo and got these alternate directions. I had forgotten about this. You would think I would remember this since I lived on the rim for two months and visited my girl friend in Page every weekend. US 64 is in Cameron. Talk about some really great vistas as you climb.

Starting in PAGE, AZ on KAIBAB RD - go < 0.1 mi
2. Turn on US-89-LOOP - go 0.4 mi
3. Turn on US-89 - go 81.5 mi
4. Turn on AZ-64 - go 54.0 mi
5. Arrive at the center of GRAND CANYON VILLAGE, AZ

Jeffrey Sipress
9-Dec-2004, 10:11
Just look at a map and take paved roads. How did you get to Bryce from somwewhere else?

Mike Lopez
9-Dec-2004, 10:56
I'd get to Bryce from Las Vegas via the Interstate. No problem there. It's the smaller, state roads and such I'm concerned about. Not all paved roads are plowed all winter.

Mike Lopez
9-Dec-2004, 10:59
Mark, thanks for your input. In your opinion, is the route you describe in your second post passable in early March? That's precisely the route I had in mind.

9-Dec-2004, 14:23
They do not close that road. It may get icy but any road will at that time of year, around these parts. Check conditions as you go. Things change fast in march.