View Full Version : Apo Ronar 150 info needed

jose angel
9-Dec-2004, 02:47
I need literature and data charts from this lens. If you could send me scans or whatever info I will be grateful. I think it has been made around the 70īs, lastest available data charts are incomplete or simply doesnīt have info about the 150.

Does this lens have all the performance of the modern longer ones? (240-300-360... in the same process 1:3-3:1 magnification) I am surprised about the mini-size of this lens.

Does anybody knows if this lens needs a spacer when mounted on a Copal 0 shutter? (... all my Apo-Ronars use spacers between the front element and the shutter... )

Thank you,

Dan Fromm
9-Dec-2004, 05:05

jose angel
9-Dec-2004, 06:04
Thank you Dan.

Iīm afraid that the overall lenght of the lens I have is a bit shorter than specified on the charts.

I wonder if there are age differences on the 150 ApoRonars lenses mounted on Copal 0 shutters, or if it really needs the spacer like in the longer models... if anybody knows it or have one sample of this lens, please let me know if there is a brass spacer on it... Thanks,

21-Oct-2005, 13:04
I have a Rodenstock factory 150 Apo Ronar in a Copal 0 shutter and mine has a shim .This lens is

very sharp but will not cover 4x5 at inf.