View Full Version : Ilex Acuton 150/247 convertible

14-Nov-2014, 22:09
I bought this lens a couple of years ago for the shutter and safely tucked the cells away and pretty much forgot about them, I found them this evening and started wondering about the IC of this lens, does anyone know if the 247 FL will cover 8x10? is it safe to assume that by removing the front cell it becomes a 247? thanks for any information

Dan Fromm
15-Nov-2014, 07:24
The general rule with convertible lenses -- but wait for posts insisting otherwise -- is that a single cell covers the same format as the complete lens. The lens is a convertible plasmat, roughly same vintage is the original Sironar with no suffix. It should just cover 5x7.


15-Nov-2014, 13:20
Thanks Dan