View Full Version : Potential Uses for Rodenstock Apo-Gerogons?

14-Nov-2014, 15:05
I'd had this vague memory of storing away some LF/process rodenstock lenses for quite a while but couldn't remember what/where they were. After many attempts to locate them I'd finally concluded that I was delusional and must have imagined their existence. Validation came the other day when I unearthed them in a box hidden away in the bottom of the closet. The find wasn't quite as exciting as it could have been as it turned out they were the 150mm and 210mm f/9 Apo-Gerogons, but still nice to know I wasn't completely crazy.

That said, the bits of info I've been able to glean from the internet suggest that they won't be the most useful tools in the bunch -- both because of difficulty in mounting them and, well, being process lenses. Any ideas?