View Full Version : info about Walker titan Camera

Rick Baer
30-Oct-1999, 15:10
Does anybody have any experience with the Walker Titan camera?

andrea milano
31-Oct-1999, 04:51
Hallo Rick, If you don't mind the weight it must be one of the best build and sturdiest cameras around! If I liked the field cameras as mach as the metal fields (I own among others a Wista VX), It would be one of my favourites, never mind the plastic feel to it! the metal is spectacular and the grond glass is one of the best. Do not underestimate the wideangle model. Many accessories available, get in touch with Mr. Walker himself (doesn't answer the e-post very often....) at mwalkeruk@aol.com

I wish you much fun with this camera. Do you know the WFPA? Check it out at http://www.johndesq.com Regards A.Milano l

andrea milano
31-Oct-1999, 04:55
sorry about spelling mistakes, it is early in the morning.......! Andrea

Urs Bernhard
25-Jan-2000, 16:40
I own since december '99 a Walker Titan. And I just love it. The camera is not o nly beautiful, it is also very fast and comfortable to work with. And with the Rodenstock Apo-Sironar N 135mm you can fold it and let the lens on. It is the right everywhere-to-go and everytime/weather-to-come camera. Great too l.