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Reatha Kenny
13-Nov-2014, 21:54
Hello All

I have just launched a kickstarter for Film Soup. We are a boutique processing lab in New Zealand and we need your help to fix our Marvin a Jobo ATL 3 and purchase him a buddy. Please help us keep quality processing alive in New Zealand.

Thank you

Reatha and Marvin


28-Nov-2014, 18:59
We have been trying to help out this super amazing lab in NZ with this kickstarter campaign. Film soup is now the ONLY pro grade (or any grade for that matter), that offers a full range of service for film shooters, in all formats, and all processes left in NZ. Not only that, they actually do top notch quality work. So - even if you are not in NZ, but have an affinity for film photography consider kicking in for this one!

So here is a holiday weekend bump :)

29-Nov-2014, 15:44
One day I'll end up in New Zealand, and might just need some film processed nicely... in the meantime I've backed this for a stylish patch to go on a camera bag!


10-Dec-2014, 19:14
Im giving this a bump for the last 72 hours.