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13-Nov-2014, 13:14
A neighbor gave me a box of outdated "film" from the X-ray department of a hospital. See title and attached image. At first I was thrilled to get into LF pinhole with X-ray film. Then started to dig the Internet, and found that this "film" is part of a process where (as far as I understand) the X-ray image is acquired by any of a number of devices (X-ray, MRI,...), digitally processed, and finally printed. See e.g.:
But it is not just a polyester foil for a laser printer. The datasheet shows a D vs Log(E) curve, and the box mention safety glass. It is light sensitive and packed accordingly.

Question: would anyone know if that is usable, in particular, how the latent image can be revealed? Short of buying the dedicated Fuji printer:confused:
Thank you

Tin Can
13-Nov-2014, 17:20
Well 45 people have read this and ignored it.

This is laser film and of no use for any process we examine here.

Strictly medical with expensive dedicated gear.

Recycle it.

13-Nov-2014, 23:57
Thank you Randy Moe. So I'll invest into some green-sensitive X-ray film.

19-Jan-2015, 20:56
Does anyone know how the dry image printers work?