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Mr Gerard Martin
8-Dec-2004, 15:59
Hope someone can help with identifying three lenses I have.These belonged to my father-in-law and I would like to know what they are for and to what camera (presuming they are camera lenses) they were fitted.

No 1 ------ 2.75" length.. Has back 6 in." at one end and front 6 in" at the other.Both ends are able to be screwed off. This one is stamped with the makers name -- Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co. Rochester.N.Y.

No 2 ------ Brass 4.5" long 2" wide lens Marked 10in_EQUI No makers name

No 3 ------ Brass 6.5" long 3.5"wide lens Marked 14in No makers name

The last two look similar ,ie for the same purpose but with no makers name I realise they might be difficult to identify.

However would appreciate any help at all


G Martin

Steve Hamley
8-Dec-2004, 17:09

They are likely view camera lenses as I would guess you suspect by being here. View camera lenses are non-specific and interchangeable between cameras, so there's no way to know what camera for which they were bought. Without more information, there's not much hope in finding out more.


Mike Phifer
8-Dec-2004, 19:17
I agree with Steve, it will be difficult to identify the lenses with out more information. However the name on the first lens indicates it is not older than 1902. That is when Gundlach aquired the Manhattan Optical Company. Attached is a URL for History on Rochester Lens Mfg. Companies.

http://www.nwmangum.com/Kodak/Rochester.html#Gundlach (http://www.nwmangum.com/Kodak/Rochester.html#Gundlach)

I hope this helps. Mike

Mr Gerard Martin
9-Dec-2004, 01:52
Thanks Steve and Mike for the help you have been able to give me.Guess I'll have to look a little further but the info.you have supplied is very interesting.

Thanks again