View Full Version : Cable Release for Ilex?

Daniel Grenier
8-Dec-2004, 14:42
Hi folks;

I just bought on ebay a 360mm Commercial Ektar in an Ilex No 5 Universal Synchro shutter for my 8x10. The glass is flawless as is the entire lens, really. However, the cable releases I have will not trigger the shutter. These cables all work fine with my Copals. The shutter does want to trigger but comes short a bit.

So, does this thing require a special, longer cable release or is there something wrong with it?

Thanks for your assistance.

John Kasaian
8-Dec-2004, 14:54
You need a cable release with a long throw. Gepe works for me. Lots of info in the archives on this subject---check it out!

Gem Singer
8-Dec-2004, 15:01
Hi Daniel,

Yes, an Ilex #5 shutter requires a cable release that has a long throw. More than likely, there is nothing wrong with the one that you have. Try a 20, or 40 inch Gepe cable release. Some cable releases have a method for adjusting the length of the throw by screwing or unscrewing the threaded section that connects to the shutter. Check to see if yours has that adjustment capability before purchasing a new one.

Jim Rice
8-Dec-2004, 15:08
I took my Artar in a Universal 4 to the camera store and tried them out until I found one that worked. I also scored a rear cap from their junk box.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Dec-2004, 07:00
While an Ilex 5 does need a long throw, I've found that the release mechanism can migrate, requiring a progressively longer and longer throw over time. After having mine serviced, it worked with any cable release I had.