View Full Version : 65mm horseman er super 6x9 lens cover 4x5 format ?

10-Nov-2014, 14:44
with 160mm circle could cover 4x5 ?... .Used without camera movements ?

10-Nov-2014, 14:58
I've used the Horseman 65mm for 4x5 - it covers it barely without any room for movements, but I also got the front rail in the bottom of the shot on the 45FA, which I could crop out. Shooting verticals was not very useful due to seeing the front rail occupy the lower quarter of the frame.

10-Nov-2014, 17:28
For a sinar p ....

10-Nov-2014, 20:32
Probably same setup as djdister mentions above. 65mm Topcor/Horseman on Horseman 45FA.
Image is a scan of a Lith Print from enlarged 4x5 negative with only slight edge cropping.