View Full Version : tripod for a sinar p outside home

10-Nov-2014, 14:15
maximun 250 dolars new or used ?

Bob Salomon
10-Nov-2014, 14:48
Including a head?

4x5, 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14?

10-Nov-2014, 17:25
4x5 sinar p

Peter De Smidt
10-Nov-2014, 18:07
I've had quite a bit of experience with Sinar Ps. One was my first LF camera, which was almost 25 years ago now. With the Sinar round rail cameras, you really should use a Sinar pan/tilt head. (Or the Foba version). They are light, strong, very easy to use, and they're not that expensive. If you have a set of legs that you use now, I'd get a used Sinar head for about what you're talking about and use it on the legs. A 20 year old Gitzo series three tripod, often available used for a decent price, could be added later. I'd get one with the dark gray legs instead of the older light gray ones. The locks on the more recent ones are easier to use. You might be able to get the combo for about $350 with some searching.

Ken Lee
10-Nov-2014, 18:08
I like these, but I can't promise the low price you seek. Bogen 3021 BN Pro and the Manfrotto 3275 410 tripod head (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/tech/index.php#Tripod).

15-Nov-2014, 10:22
Look at Induro line, I have their aluminium largest tripod, works fine up to 8X10, for 4x5 I think series 3 would do. They are cheap but very well built and reasonably light.

16-Nov-2014, 16:08
I'll second the recomendation for the Induro. I use the largest aluminum series with a Gitzo low profile three-way head with my Calumet c1 8x10. This camera extended with a 480 red dot artar is a large, heavy setup and I have no issues. It would be great for a 4x5 Sinar p. I used to have a Gitzo 340 tripod that was equivalent to the induro but weighted enough to be kind of pain (especially with the original leg locks that can do damage to whatever they slam into!).

Drew Wiley
17-Nov-2014, 14:08
The Sinar rail clamp is all you really need, unless you plan to take shots straight down. Can't think of any reason why someone would even need a separate tripod
head outside the studio. If you do want a head, the Sinar pan/tilt is nice, but even used, probably outside the solicited budget range for the tripod itself.