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9-Nov-2014, 04:22
I have an Alphax 4 and wondered if setting the speed ring between marked speeds say 1/5 and /10th would give an intermediate speed or whether there is a set speed only relative to each indicated marked speed?

Jon Shiu
9-Nov-2014, 08:23
Yes, it should since the cam is a smooth continuous curve.


9-Nov-2014, 08:49
Confirming what Jon said, the Betax shutters do offer intermediate speeds, indicated by the dot between each number.

9-Nov-2014, 14:52
Thanks for your replies. Very unscientifically to my ear that seems to be the case. This could at times be quite handy if I can get reasonable accuracy.

11-Nov-2014, 17:19
In-between speeds are rather silly with large shutters unless you have done shutter speed tests. They can be 1/2 stop to a full a stop from the dial display.

Jim Galli
11-Nov-2014, 18:05
If you have an old 35mm body with mechanical Copal shutter like a Nikon FM you would be surprised how close you can come to 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 second by listening to the Nikon a few times and matching the delay simply with your ear, irregardless of the numbers on the Alphax.

11-Nov-2014, 19:20
I know this is not what the OP asked, but just for the record, the Copal shutters do not work this way. Do not use intermediate shutter speeds on Copal shutters.