View Full Version : Linhof lensboards with off center hole?

6-Nov-2014, 17:04
I have just purchansed a Chamonix 045F1 that uses Linhof lens boards. I had one Linhof board that has a hole that is off-center. What is the purpose of the offset hole and will it work ok to use it as a "regular" lens board?

Bob Salomon
6-Nov-2014, 17:54
All Linhof 45 Technika boards, except the two with a z after the catalog number, have the hole positioned where yours is. This has been addressed many times on this forum. It assures that the center of the lens is centered on the center of the gg when all controls are at the 0 point. The two z boards both have a centered hole for a 3 size shutter and are raised slightly on the board as longer lenses like a 240 or 300mm Apo Sironar S would have the rear group contact the edge of the hole in the front standard and prevent the board from latching closed, so these two boards have a raised, centered (centered is spelled with a z in German) hole to allow the boards to lock onto the camera with lenses that require it.

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7-Nov-2014, 08:04
Thanks for the information!